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About Us

The Playa Beer Brewing Company was established in 2003 to quench the growing thirst for native Northern Nevada Brews and to capitalize on growing Burning Man Festival market.  Playa Beer, in conjunction with SBS Consolidated has quickly become the Beers of choice not only in Northern Nevada but throughout the Western U.S.

For the Beer Year 2006, Burner Red is the #1 draft selling beer throughout Northern Nevada and is available in over 400 locations throughout the state.

Playa Beer, working with Federal, State, County & Local municipalities has leased the Northern portion of the Black Rock Desert to be mined specifically for the brewing of Beer.

The brewery is a state-of-the-art Gerlach built system that produces fresh, pure, and wholesome Bavarian/German lagers according to the Purity Law of 1516.


Located on 50 acres on the Southern edge of Gerlach, the Playa Beer Brewery operates within a registered Nevada Historic Landmark.  The old Washoe County Textile Mill, the largest mill of its kind in North America, produced the finest Bath Towels from May 1910 thru October1962.  During the 14 days of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the mill was seized by the US government as a strategic bunker. The Washoe County Textile Mill never reopened for business.

Playa Beer Brewery

The Mill became a Nevada Historic Landmark in June 1998, but sat abandoned until April 2003 when SBS Consolidated provided venture capital to purchase the site. Over the following two years, extensive renovations were made, with Playa Beer producing its first vintage in August 2005. 

Playa Beer has come a long way since that first production run.  Our Brew Masters have refined & perfected our unique Brewing Process and now yield the best Beer Northern Nevada has seen since Prohibition.


"Rich barley malts, the finest fragrant hops, Premium BRC Playa Dust,  All-natural ingredients, and tender loving care makes a great beer.   The extraordinary commitment to brewing beers of the highest quality amongst all Playa Beer employees is exemplified in the Gold & Silver Awards received at the Washoe County Beer Cup & the Northern Nevada Beer Festival - 2007.  As Chairman & CEO, I could not be prouder" Says ScottoBobScotto.



2007 Playa Beer - An SBS Consolidated Affiliate